B&G Group, s.r.o.

B&G Group, s.r.o. is a logistics company dealing with both primary and secondary logistics, primarily for D1M, s.r.o. and All for 50, s.r.o. (network LEVNO) and is a member of the retail group Calabar Invest, a.s.

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Integrated, tailor-made retail solutions
in the spirit of our strategy Don't waste!

  1. B&G Group provides comprehensive group-wide logistics (D1M, LEVNO and IRMS) and external customers for which it provides the following services:
    • Primary Logistics (Import of Goods to the Czech Republic)
    • Secondary logistics (distribution of goods to business units in the Czech Republic)
    • Internal logistic processes (repackaging of goods, labeling, legalization of the Czech Republic, organization of logistic parameters)
    • Distribution and preparation of mixed stock including their labeling, awards, acceptance into the system and expedition
  2. We have our own warehouse in Prague 10, Industrial Street No. 11, where the company is headquartered.
  3. We take care of developing our own IT solutions - Our own logistics warehouse system and our own ERP / POS system for sales units
  4. We are still looking for high quality warehouse support for both HPP and shortened employment. We offer above-standard salary (starting salary of 25,000 gross) with growth up to 30,000 gross after work (3-6 months), meal vouchers and possibility of other company benefits (purchase of goods with 50% discount, Multisport Card and contribution to Pension insurance after 12 months) . Possibility of brigade with flexible working hours.


Executive director


RECRUITMENT: nabor@bagg.cz or here
Info: info@bagg.cz

Kontaktní adresa a sídlo

B&G Group, s.r.o.
Milčice 104, 289 11 Milčice
Česká Republika


File number: C 163015 maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague

IČ: 29051614
DIČ: CZ29051614
Číslo účtu CZK: 43-6728850267 / 0100 kept by Komerční Banka, a.s.

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For our customers, you represent our company LEVNO and for the shop you are the engine that makes it work as it should. You should enjoy the work and daily contact with people and you should also have a team spirit.

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